Sunday, July 31, 2005

'I'm gonna flip out like a ninja cos' that's what ninja's do...'

Man this aint good....I'm feeling pretty emotionally good of late but I'm just afraid that it'll all fizzle out if I just mope around at home and do nothing. Although having said that I did download a few nice Coldplay tracks today...woot woot! I like 'Talk' (I didn't know there were two different versions of that song with completely different lyrics so thats cool), 'A message' and 'Hardest part' which are probably the only decent tracks I think on the new X&Y album. Whether this counts as something constructive is another story but I guess its something.

Was visiting a site on my favourites list that I forgot about for a while, I don't know why I added it to my favourites list. I shortly found out why though, its filled with the type of rancor for the utter crappy triteness of modern pop culture that I so adore to hate! This guy says it all for me and in a more articulate and eloquent manner. I think you'll find this site pretty random and basic-looking but you'll soon find out thats its more to do with substance rather than visual panache. So here it is The Best page in the Universe! I should warn you that this guy completely lets loose on all sorts of subjects and political correctness is not something he takes seriously.

Another site I love visiting just to top up on my random spurts of happiness from time to time is, contrary to the name however its another pretty bland rubbish looking site, but again as always with me its more to do with substance rather than preeesentayshun! Before I go any further I want to stick this little link in cos' it's the only thing that actually links to the title of this entry so here's the one for the ninja song I just love (yeah I know its crap)!

Some of you British visitors might recognize the material especially the disturbing headbanging kittens on this site from late night shows on Channel 4 some time ago. And don't think you Yanks have escaped the wrath of Joel Veitch's crazy looking mutated/mutliated (use as required) gerbils from them wierd Quizno's TV commercials advertising the sheer freshness of the 'toasted bread sandwiches', here's a little uhh explanation about why this restaurant chain used these 'things' as their marketing mascots.

Anyhow I'm just using these links as filler for the lack of anything of 'substance' (ahh the irony) I could say. My weekend's been another one of complete boredom but I guess in the famous words of that Beatle's song 'I just don't know what to do with myself' or something like that, if I got the words wrong....BLOW ME!


Mybrid said...

Why gee, thanks, Emran. Now I've got the Ninja song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. As if I didn't already have a headache.

Intersting blog you pointed to. Though I'm not sure I understand his rant about bloggers in his own blog...

I do see his points about some other issues and as much as I love Star Wars I also found many logical faults in that last movie. But what the heck, it's only a movie, right?

So is the new Coldplay CD worth buying? I enjoyed their last one.

The Hard-working Slacker said...

Yeah the ninja song is strangely addictive...oh and the ranting guy is funny and thought-provoking so I 'thought' I'd throw the cat amongst the pigeons or so to speak to get a reaction from the few people that visit my blog!

The X&Y album is alright I guess, it really depends on your love for band's like U2, Oasis, cos' if you liked them then there's a strong possibility you'll like Coldplay. But I don't really like either of those bands, I take Coldplay as it is.

Mybrid said...

Of course I love U2, and that was the only live show I had ever been to, so I think I'll go buy the new Coldplay next time I visit Best Buy (and I was just there yesterday!).

As for the "few people" who visit your blog - it's not about the quantity, it's about the quality! ;-)

Kunaxa said...

I love "The Best Page In The Universe", Maddox is really good at what he does.

My favorite is of course the "Crappy Children's Atwork" - I've seen it YEARS ago and to this day I laugh like a maniac everytime I see it.

The "hate-mail" is also worth a read.

Haven't checked out the latest Coldplay album yet. Although I'll admit they have some nice tracks, I really have to be in a certain mood to enjoy their music.

Something about them strikes me as "We've seen it before...OK, next."

Listen to any Anthony Hamilton? Check out "Comin' from where I'm from" and his feature on the Nappy Roots "Sick and Tired."

Good stuff.

Kunaxa said...

Oh yeah... Ditto on the whole "quality" thing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm,not sure I really understand how so many people get into all this talk about music. I find music today to be nothing more than a persons life screaming from inside to outside. Crying or desiring something bigger or better, wondering where they've been or where they're going. I would think a person would or should try listening to the melody or instrumental music to size up their own inner being rather than relating to some wannabe's words or lyrics. Wouldn't it be far more relaxing to just listen to the instruments that are in tune to yourself and create or sing your own words to the tunes? Wouldn't that bring out your own identity? and attain pleasure?
Now that would make a hell of a lot more sense to me than sizing myself up to someone else's life or lifestyle of who doesn't really know who he or she is or where he or she has been or is going or what he or she wants to be when, where or how they will get there!!!That all sounds much to confusing to me....How can a person really identify themselves to all that garb they talk about???
sing about excuse me.....
Then they call it MUSIC! HMMMMM...
Ummmmm OKAYYYY....

Music is good for the most part
I guess!!! (to dance to)....hehe