Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another selection of interesting cyber info

I thought I'd check back at my blog to keep it alive (just about) and put in a few of my personal takes on stories over the last few weeks.

The all-important news that the Beckhams have finally landed Stateside is probably right up there with the will-she-won't-she-stay-in-jail debacle that is the existence of Paris Hilton. On a scary side note I had a weird disturbing dream that I was living with her reality-show-partner-in-crime Nicole Richie in a big mansion and I remember asking her who her father is (its Lionel Richie incase anyone's wondering). What a nightmare!

Brown's politics

A new era is taking shape in British politics with the abdication of Tony Blair and his Chancellor Gordon Brown taking the helm. What I found interesting about the newly shuffled government is that it's got a lot of fresh young faces in very high-calibre positions and the one that strikes me the most is that of Foreign Secretary taken up by a rather boyish-looking 42-year-old called David Miliband. And if his stance on global issues such as climate change and strong views against the goings on in Washington - particularly on Iraq - are anything to go by, he might just be able to single-handedly salvage some of the lost credibility of the UK and by extension the West around the world.

David Miliband: A force for good overseas?

What's more, having a Polish-Jewish background and knowing of his own family's suffering at the hands of the Nazi's he may prove to be an even-handed force for good when it comes to dealing with the on-going Israeli-Arab conflicts. As always only time will tell and with every passing day, this blogger refuses to lose faith in the the human race.

Plane sailing?

A somewhat new era in passenger flight began on the 7.8.07 when the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was unveiled to the world in Everett Washington. The plane's manufacturer, Boeing reckons it will redefine aircraft manufacturing - it's mostly made of carbon fiber composite material - and is marketing it to the mid-range aircraft market as it sees the worldwide market for commercial flight gravitating towards mid-sized aircraft as oppose to larger planes such as the Airbus A380. I must confess my coverage of the aircraft is absolutely nothing compared to the hard work put in by dedicated 787-enthusiast and blogger "flightblogger".

The unveiling of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Everett, Washington

And finally I've managed to find work through yet another temping agency but at least it will help me maintain some kind of cash flow and help out with my debts. I'm working in Sales and administration at a gym in the nicer leafy parts of West London so I could do worse and have indeed so I'm not complaining!

As usual I'll have something of more topical substance to write soon. In the meantime here's an interesting little link a friend of mine sent me through Facebook, about Facebook. All of a sudden my qualms about the whole social-networking phenomena aren't entirely unfounded!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Newspapers need to 'forget about news'

An interesting trend in how the masses get - and to an extent 'make' - their daily news.

Posted: 9 November 2006 By: Oliver Luft of journalism.co.uk

"Newspapers need to forget news if they are going to prosper in the digital age, an industry conference wastold today.Opening the Beyond the Printed Word conference in Vienna, Robert Cauthorn, CEO of CityTools, said that newspapers had lost the ability to tell communities the stories they are interested in.Newspapers are guilty of talking only to decision makers, he said, and people were now shifting to form their own online communities around stories that interested them."

For the full story click here.