Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yes you're seeing correctly....this is a NEW entry

My oh my this has been a long hiatus, never did I think I'd shy away from writing regularly to my blog. The reason? I couldn't be bothered and was also working quite a bit and couldn't think up anymore tripe to talk about or at least embellish. I had simply lost my train of thought and motivation. Now, that's just about changed so I'm back on the spiel wagon and I come bearing gifts of the photographic kind...lucky you! So as I'm easing back into the regularity of blogging I'll stick some nice little shots of my trip to Alton Towers (as filler), a well-known theme park about 150 miles north of London.

We rented a car for the day and there were 4 (Joe, his girl Christine, Moses and I) of us so it was a pretty smooth operation getting everyone to be free in the middle of the week. The cool thing was that no bratty school-aged kids were there and so the lines for the rides were pretty short consisting of only Uni students and tourists which was cool.

So without much ado here are the pics:

Me taking advantage of a photo op with the rental car pretending its mine...

Mos and I infront of the post office in Alton where we stopped for directions to Alton Towers. I, subsequently found out that the shorts I'm wearing here were torn which Joe kindly took photographic evidence of here:

All pictures of me that follow this 'wardrobe malfuction' have me wearing my cargos which I thought were too warm for the day, incase one is wondering

Once again I've sold myself cheap! Ummm any takers? Thanks I'll be here all night! Hey what can I say, we were bored waiting in line for 'Air' which is a rollercoaster where you're lying upside down thus giving one the opportunity to make spit bombs in the hope that one would land on the person behind's face while moving at nearly 60 mph (I managed not to get a fresh one slapped onto me incase anyone's wondering)!

I like this sign at the Air ride so much that I just had to take a pic of it, I think you can see the great irony of the sign and what's been done to it pretty much makes itself evident

In front of Rita (not to be confused with the recent natural disaster in the States....ok crap joke I know), its bascially highly acclaimed rollercoaster that is known for its speed (0-60mph in 2.5 seconds!), so thats me on the left, Joe, Xtine and Mos being a monkey behind us (what is up with the 'victory' sign or is it suppose to mean peace?)

Us infront of some random castle in the theme park, I can't remember the name but its a genuine castle...how quaint. Next stop: 'Oblivion'

This is what Oblivion is known for, its sheer drop into a black hole in the ground, I caught these poor bastards at the moment they rolled over the apex and were about to go vertical

Me showing Joe, who exactly is gonna be driving through the hedges and farmland on the way home with a subtle gesture of waving the friggin car keys at him!

Ahhh sunbathing in a car park, then again I could just be posing for yet another self-glamorizing photo op...man do I feel gay!

Ok well that's all folks, for now. I had problems loading these last few pics and I just couldn't be asked to mess around with this entry until tonight so you'll have to excuse me as there's pillow with my name on it, and I believe its screaming my name out as well! Hey, if socializing isn't your forte just talk to random bits of furniture, after a while it starts to make sense. I have a feeling I'm gonna regret writing that last sentence, probably cos' I'm half asleep right now.

Anyhoo ciao for now!