Friday, July 01, 2005

This place reeks.....

First of all, whoa! Talk about development in this city, its turning into a nice little metropolis (my first oxymoron woohoo!) with a building shooting up like a mushroom every few weeks! Sometimes I feel that there's far too much wasted wealth here, far too many people leading their daily lives without a care in the world and the only places where you can get a semblance of inner peace it seems is when you're lying in your bed at night (that's if the thumping noise from the nightclubs 2 floors below don't get to you) and if you're the praying type then in the mosques as well. You could say this place reeks of all the wrong things!

I'm sitting in an internet cafe as I write this and I've got that annoying Crazy Frog playing in the background to keep me company. This seems to be one of the few fun things to do in Dubai (surfing the net in a smoky internet cafe that is) other than getting pissed in a seedy little nightclub and taking a hooker or two back to your place after shakin' yo booty for a few hours.

But I digress, I was talking about the amount of development over here, we already spent almost an hour looking for our home that was completed since July last year at the 'Springs' development on the outskirts of Dubai because of new housing and buildings being developed in the space of a few months in the area. We drove around taking pictures of the surrounding developments like the 'Meadows' and the 'Lakes' and yes yes I’ll put the shots up all in good time, the things that struck me the most is how few photos or videos have me in them because I'm too busy taking them in the first place! So today I put an end to that when we went to visit our tenants at our 'Springs' villa. Spent most of the time just taking pics of all the cracks and defects in the house to show the housing developer (EMAAR) who will hopefully be gracious enough to repair them gratis of course! The tenants are a nice Kiwi family who've seemed to keep the house in a good condition so far.

On a different note we had dinner at a friend's house last night and she brought in some professional chefs to prepare the food which was typically Asian. But I must say the highlight of the night was the dessert which was a really mellow strawberry terrine, and I had it with a fresh chocolate cake from Costa Coffee. Don't know what that does for the readers of this blog but it certainly made my day!

Righto this crazy arab bitch next to me is smoking like a friggin chimney and God knows I want leave this joint before my lungs give way so I'm going to get my 5 Dirham's worth of Internet time, check my e-mail and go.

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