Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No love for the jobless

Ahh the joy of not having any set routine in daily life, boy does it make you one lazy ass mofo! Anyhoo didn't manage to go to the council yesterday and its getting a little desperate cos I need to let them know I'm still a student and that I shouldn't need to pay local council tax and stuff before the end of the month. I just looked out the window and its pissing down so I think I'll just have to do it all over the phone thats if I get through the automated services!

On the upside I did manage to find some interesting looking jobs at the local job center yesterday, one that really caught my eye was for a local newspaper as a journalist, and I didn't even need any experience just a good command of English - hopefully my English isn't too bad - and good keyboard skills. And the other jobs were just some boring run of the mill type part-time jobs.

Nothing else happening today apart from the mechanic coming over to fix the wheel bearing on my car today. Don't know if he can do if its going to be pouring down all day today, guess I'll just have to wait and see.

On the attempted bombings last week, I believe they've caught 6 guys but I don't think any of them are the bombers. Either way Blair's pissing his pants right now, so much so that he's thinking of putting phone-tapping measures into law which is nice cos there's nothing more I like than having MI5 listening into everything that I DON'T say on the phone. I guess If I had to choose between this and having 7 slugs buried into my skull by 5 over-zealous Met officers IIIIIIIIIII think I'd choose the former.


Kunaxa said...

Yes, your command of English is very good (as your DC teachers would like to think). You had Mrs. Worthington didn't you? or Did you have Mr. Hooper?

We had Ms. Pain, she was cool but had her moments when she flipped out every now and then. Of course it didn't help that we had Muhanned in our class causing a riot every single minute.

Go for the journalist job, you write better than most journalists I read.

The Hard-working Slacker said...

Yeah I had Mrs (although I'd like to think she's single cos she was so damn mean) 'Worth-a-tonne'. Most of the English dept in DC were just whacked in the head if you ask me, they were all a bunch of head-cases who just weren't diagnosed early enough by the British Consulate in Doha and promptly deported back to this shithole!

Oh Muhanned, man I wonder if he's grown up yet.

Anyways I'm applying for the journalist job as I type this cos I really don't want my head surgically attatched to a phone answering calls about car insurance for the next 12 months.

Mybrid said...

Hey, if you become a famous journalist, may I be the first to have your autograph???


I'm jealous now. Journalism rocks!

Kunaxa said...

You know what, I heard he was living in the US somewhere (Last was I think Florida or Michigan) and I was told that he's unrecognizable. He is quiet, calm, respectful, unconfrontational and just did a complete 180 degrees.

I guess he has grown up. I miss the hours of in-class entertainment.

The Hard-working Slacker said...

Are you replying to my description of Hassan Ibrahim or the army spokesman that I left on your blog?

Oh now I get it, Muhanned, I don't know and don't care, life in DC is something I'd like to put firmly in my past.

Anonymous said...

Your friends comments should be taken seriously. You are a good writer, put words into context nicely, use good phrases. You have a flair with words, you know how to put in the funny ditty's.
SO......WHATCHA WAITIN FOR BOY? Get off your dupes and secure that newpaper job
"no experience needed"
IF the car ain't runnin yet, know the phrase "walk don't run"? (hehehe) its good exercise for young guys.

Hey this "Hooper" guy cultureshocked was talking about? Maybe I know this dude from my Michigan and now Florida days.
If he carries around EXCESS BAGGAGE like the rest of these assh***s down here in Florida and if he was or is one of these(assh***s) down here now, I may have met this character and would now be on my "excess baggage list" LOL (the Kakes)