Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Taskforce Tuesday!

Right hopefully this little spurt of serotonin in my head this morning will last long enough for me to make it out of the house and get some actual work done today! First stop, the bank and then the local council office for 'studenty' stuff. I just don't seem to have the amount of intelligent creative crap to write at this time of the morning like my good friend Nafie does! Somehow he just seems to spew it out by the bucketloads!

I personally find my stimulating crap writing abilities kick in sometime around my next episode of utter frustation with daily life, which is why my entries so far have been somewhat irregular and pretty much an impulse-driven affair. Whoa what a mouthful, hey now I see how he does it! Anyways I better get going and who knows I might just add to this here entry later on today depending on my mood!

ciao for now!


Kunaxa said...

"crap" being the operative term My brotha'.


Kunaxa said...

Oh yeah, and that whole part about daily frustration works too. I just let it marinade for the evening and through the night and I'm ready to over-exaggerate and harp about it the next morning.