Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm one bad ass son of a Beach!

So with my stomach now stablized and behaving itself time to go to Jumierah beach woohooo....albeit with a bunch of non-english-speaking people from the hotel who were Eastern Europeans (mostly Russian) and a few Iranians. I, being new to Dubai and not knowing anybody (very sad) had resorted to making a friend on the bus by the name of Ali, man did I regret making that decision for the rest of day!

The dude's from Iran and can barely speak English which I'm not holding against him but boy does he sound retarded when he opens his mouth and he seemed pretty slow. Anyways my making the hastened decision to choose this guy to hang around with was founded purely on the basis that there weren't any lockers to keep my stuff in at the beach and so I was hoping we could watch over each other's stuff and take turns to go swimming.

Little did I know how much of a repressed horn dog this dude was, I found us a nice spot just under the lifeguard's watchtower for some shade and this guy wanted to go off and aimlessly run after as many Russian chicks as he could find. Man that Mohammed Khatammi really knows how to keep his hairy subjects dry.

Ali asked me (more like strongly insisted) as I was looking for a nice spot on the beach: 'No no we go there, there are beautfiul Russian gerels there'. So I let him run off after them cos' I just wanted to chill at the beach and go for a swim while Ali was one hairy penis running around on a dead end mission on Jumierah beach.

And then when we met up later on he asked me if I could hook him up with a Russian chick because...now get this...I speak English! I mean WTF! Imagine an English speaking guy translating between an Iranian and a Russian none of whom speak English. Anyhoo I made a quick exit from that little conversation of ours....phew....

I was lucky enough to bump into some nice South London ladies at the beach which really helped because I didn't know a single person from the bus and really couldn't be bothered to make friends on the beach for the purpose of having someone to watch over my stuff, anyways thank god I stuck with my spot on the beach as it was right next to there's.

They were a mother and daughter and an aunt visiting Dubai for the first time, the mother's name was Joanne, the daughter's Kiya and her aunt's name was Marleen. Anyways it made it bearable having people to talk to whilst at the beach and we went swimming as one does. They're from Croydon to be more specific and they said they visit my University town of Kingston quite frequently which is pretty cool I guess. Who knows I might bump into them sometime.

So without further ado here are the pics I took at the beach, some of them are naturally gay looking but I guess that quality comes with the wet crotch-hugging shorts I was wearing then....uhh enjoy....

A panoramic view of the beach...sorta

Me chilling out on zee beach! Can you spot Ali?....no?.....goooooooooood!

Joanne, Kiya, Marleen and Me with crap hair

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