Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nothing to report

Yes you heard me...I got nothing to say but I thought I'd fill the void as I'm sure you're getting slightly uncomfortable by the silence...or perhaps not. So ummmm....uhhhhh....have you lost weight?

Ok ok I really haven't been out today cos apparently most of the bombers have been caught or there are some still on the loose and I don't really want to make myself a target by going out unnecessarily. Nice time to be unemployed I'll say! Having said that I might just go for a jog after doing this.

There's an annoying kid from the neighbourhood riding around in his 'fartmobile' aka a Moped, the sound of which never fails to irritate me. I dread the day he manages to afford a banged up Ford Fiesta which he pimps with all his pocket money so it ends up looking like P Diddy's maid's car.

Right I'm babbling now so I'll call it quits but bascially this has been an uneventful day, one I'd say is in a long list of uneventful days. Oh before I do go, I was at the Osterley Park Pharmacy (my local pharmacy) picking some stuff up and I found out that my pharmacist died of bone cancer a couple of weeks ago so that's sorta brought down the mood for me today, she was a good person who always gave us some extra insight into the medication we'd be buying from her.

Oh well thats it for now.

Laterz y'all.

PS. Notice how I've used orange to make this entry look half as interesting as the others.


Kunaxa said...

Ha! I never knew you were running this, you never gave me a URL. But I likes it man. Funny stuff.

Yeah, Kinda stay indoors until they catch all the terrorists. Although, I did here the are allowed to break into people's houses?

What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Em, IF that's the only thing that annoys you is the kid riding around on his "fartmobile" then "alas". whacha gonna do when he does upgrade and gets that pearlized green Chevy Impala with the sidepipes, reversed spinning wire wheels and it bounces up and down the street with fluorescent purples lites that make your eyeballs squint whe he passes by at night...? and he turns the base to rumble the streets and walkways? Better hook this guy up with P.Diddy now to get him straightened out.
Your a good visualized writer. Keep up the blogging. Its really great.....a friend...."thekakes"