Monday, July 04, 2005

Doin the funky Chicken....Shawarma

Ever done the 'Funky Chicken Shawarma'? No?! Well here's how it goes:

1) Add 1 part hungry person to 2 parts chicken shawarma and falafel
2) Get over-zealous greasy Egyptian shawarma-selling guy to make you the sandwiches
3) Add lots of man-handled salad without gloves
4) Add 2 parts mayonnaise masquerading as 'Garlic sauce' that's been left in the 34C Dubai heat to shawarmas
5) Eat shawarma

And thats when the all-round funkyness started to sink in, I got up in the morning in earnest haste due to the severe bubbling sensation that I thought I left behind. The room was spinning and I'll say this: If projectile vomitting was an Olympic event I guarantee you I could take any one of your asses!

Anyhoo I know how I've set the bar really low by starting off with a round of overall nastyness with graphic precision in my blogs so far but thats only because my bodily functions have managed to keep me highly entertained and I thought I'd share a bit of love with everyone. Something tells me I've got a skewed sense of humour and that many won't share it...oh well tough funky Shawarma Y'all!

Right now for some completely random pics I took over the past few days.

Some gay ass pic I took while messing around with my camera on the first morning in Dubai around 6am

Traffic jam on 'Skyscraper avenue' or as the locals call it Sheikh Zayed road. Its the main road in Dubai that leads to the neighbouring city of Abu Dhabi its probably apples and apples to you guys anyways...

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