Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tokenism: The word of the present

Yes its been a pretty uneventful week and I'm pretty strict on what I and what I don't include in this blog now more so than ever. Ya see I came across an article online titled 'Can you be fired for blogging?' and seeing as I do pretty much work for one of the most secretive organizations on earth albeit on a part-time basis, I'd do well to steer clear of divulging on what I do for 8 hours a day other than the fact that I test the latest X-box titles and equipment.

Yes you guessed right I work for Microsoft and yes they will personally make your life a living misery if you dare to cross them. Other than that they're the nicest bunch 'o folks you could hope to meet...no really they are! I'm not sure if I've said too much or not, I guess I haven't said anything worth remembering or making a buck out of.

Moving swiftly on I went down to Kingston today to sort some stuff out for Uni and as my friend Joe wasn't at home I went down to blow some dough on some Haagen Dazs and a movie at the Odeon there. It was War of the Worlds if you must know and it pretty much sucked as only Tom Cruise knows how to suck. I was this close to buying a ticket for the much hyped about Skeleton Key courtesy of my man Nafie's blog, I'll spare you the link there cos' personally I think the film plot line stinks and if you're still interested in knowing the plot...you aint gonna find it here!

Hey I'm allowed to have strong feelings about the glossy airbrushed crapola that passes for a film in Hollywood these days! Besides I don't think I quite got the gist of the film from watching the trailer for Skeleton Key the first 500 times on TV! Its not so much a trailer as Kate Hudson isn't so much the daughter of Goldie Hawn, FFS! get it together people!

And I also wanted to watch Charlie and the chocolate factory but I sorta copped out at the last second cos' I thought It's better watched on DVD. Oh well maybe I'll watch it soon, that Crash film doesn't look too bad either, infact its JUST the kind of thinker of a film I'd like to watch cos' I've watched far too many no-brainers at the big screen and I'd rather watch something with a more meaty storyline.

Ahh about the title of this entry - Tokenism that is, its a subject thats at the forefront of my mind these days and I guess everyone to a certain extent is guilty of it, here's a few high profile examples to get your mental juices flowing:

Bush practices it when his adminstration decided to 'hand over' power to the so-called interim government in Iraq

Blair practices it when his government decides its high time it started listening to the Muslim youth in Britain by first inviting a choice few 'leaders of the Muslim community' to 10 Downing St to 'discuss' the London bombings and how to 'deal' with 'Islamic extremism in Britain' (Have I used quite enough quote marks yet?)

Michael Jackson practices it when when he promised not to invite boys back to his Neverland ranch (I honestly don't know I thought of this example cos' its pretty weak and as always I need filler)

Husband's to an extent practice it when their wives ask them 'Does my butt look big in this?'

Ok I think its pretty clear that my random thoughts are beginning to seep through so now's a good time as ever to conclude this entry and stop talking a complete load of Bollocks as the English say! But I think y'all know what I'm getting at.

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