Friday, August 19, 2005

Got Chi power?

Ni Hao!

So ya think ya got your karma in order or your chakras in check? No? Well then shame on you! I discovered this little gem of a game (still in development) by way of subscribing to the 'Steam' service of Valve software, the people behind the best gaming franchise of all time Half-life and Half-life 2. Anyhoo the game in review I guess is called Ragdoll Kungfu and its gotta be seen to be believed! Who would've thought that playing with a bunch of dolls albeit in a virtual environment could be so much fun!

I should point out that as the game is in development still I haven't had a chance to try it out but I will be one of the first to do so when it finally comes out! The sheer simplicity of the idea of toy mannequins used to beat each other up is just genius to me and why didn't anyone think of this before?! You control the doll with strings just like in real life but UNLIKE real life you don't have to worry about the strings getting tangled up during play thus freeing you to experiment with endless amounts of unique moves! Street Fighter, eat your heart out!

It takes me back to my days in primary school (Doha English Speaking School) when we used to play with Transformers and them ever-so-popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and we'd play fight with them as one does when one is a kid (nyuk nyuk nyuk).

I guess the market for a game such as Ragdoll Kungfu is gonna be pretty restricted at first but I can deffinitely see it catching on, on PC's around the world where kids and 'big kids' alike will just love playing this game. It's funny as hell to watch (with no gore at all) as well just incase you still think this is a blood sport!

Ok I got nothing else to talk about so I'm calling it quits for today. Download the game when it comes out or something if you're into general randomized silliness like me.


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