Sunday, August 14, 2005

Verdict on 'Crash'

Wow just wow! My god when did Hollywood suddenly get all grown-up? This film just blew me away, I mean I knew it was a deep film but little did I know how deep it was! Paul Haggis sure knows how to spin a yarn! Of course I shouldn't be too surprised seeing as he is responsible for the likes of Due South - what a kick ass cop show/series, and Million Dollar Baby (I must confess I still haven't seen this yet but it looks pretty good).

Back to 'Crash', this is one tasty movie, I followed every single second of this masterpiece from beginning to end (yes people, even the credits!). I let the whole film just sink in and it felt good! I could relate to it in so many different ways its unbelievable, from the way the Iranian shopkeeper treated the latino locksmith with contempt and suspicion to the way the upper-class black film director felt when him and his wife were racially mistreated by the LAPD.

I guess I really shouldn't give away much of the film cos' it's a film that really needs to be seen with fresh eyes and unadulterated preconceptions.

Hope to have some more interesting stuff to report this coming week.

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