Monday, August 22, 2005

'The jokes no longer with him, its about him, at him, on him....'

Why why why?!!! Why must the big G mock me like this?!! I've been feeling so crappy over the past couple of days and it all finally culminated in a great ol piss-down on me during the whole day. I thought I had my whole day planned out today, but I started feeling all sluggish from the morning onwards, breakfast time rolled into lunch and lunch ended up being my brunch. I watched crappy daytime TV and conveniently missed my creative writing class today and just ended up going down to Kingston to see Joe and take my Dad's F'ed up laptop to backup the hard disk up at his place. It's been raining all day and in typical shitty british (I'm denying the use of a capital 'b' here cos' I'm pissed off!) fashion, the sky clears up in the night when there's no sun no light no nothing!!! How F'in useless is that?!!

Anyways I only managed to make copies of his essential files and burn it all onto DVD and then bring back the laptop to sort it out at home so umm that was fun! The bus ride home was shitty, I was reading a copy of 'The Guide' a weekly supplement from last Saturday's Guardian, cos' I have nothing better else to read and its not exactly like the scenery outside's any better! I was reading a review of a local band called The Magic Numbers and I must confess I've never heard of them nor have I ever heard their music but I did sorta like their spirit from what I read. The reason? - because they totally dissed Richard Bacon (I'm not gonna even allow this prick the dignity of a link) this asshole of a TV presenter on Top of the Pops recently by being the first band/act/group to walk out on the show!

'But why?' I hear you say, because Mr Bacon's intro line before the band were to show up on stage was and I quote 'A big fat melting pot of talent'. Now according to the band members its not so much the fact that he was taking pot shots at their non-conforming commercially-unfriendly podgy figures but its the tone with which he referred to them. After all they openly admit that they take the piss out of each other's 'fattiness' on a regular basis.

Anyways with all the talk of controversy out of the way, is the band any good? I really couldn't say cos' I still haven't bothered to sample their musical talents as I'm gonna hit the sack in a few minutes and I really can't be asked to download anything right now especially as it won't prolong my life or general well-being in any way shape or form. But I'm sure they're a good band seeing as they consist of some pretty cultured folk (two sets of 2 brothers-and-sisters) 2 of whom grew up in Trinidad and then moved to New York and then back to London to meet their future band members who were at the time their neighbours.

So back to the crappy bus ride, I was feeling mighty queasy whilst thoroughly engrossed in these entertainment reviews, it must have been the horrible musty air quality in the top deck of the bus - this is usually enough to make me feel sick and reach the point of almost hurling onto the floor, so I just had to stop reading and just sit back and breathe in and out. I just couldn't wait to get out of the bus and into the somewhat fresher air of South West London (insert vomit here) and get drenched in the process. So I finally got off and on the tube home I was sorta feeling a little more relieved, I guess I felt the world was closing in on me today and I must say I have had these little bouts of travel-sickness, anxiety and clostrophobia all rolled into one before.

There's probably a medical term for what's taken me two paragraphs to describe but hey I like to elaborate. Anyways didn't I say I was gonna go to bed now? So go away and leave me alone to curl up and revel in my sorrow at least for tonight :(


Mybrid said...

I define the medical term for your extended paragraphs as mental diarrhea. What can I say - shit happens.

Can't tell you much about how to deal with British weather besides advise you to move.

But then again, look who's talking.

Melanie said...

Hello Dreary Eyore,

well, so that is why you pissed in my blog about london... you are burdened with the location on a daily basis, poor thing...

I hate autistic band reviewers. If those sods would take a good look in the mirror, they would realize, if they took thier hands away from thier eyes, they are fat lazy people, with no discernable talent to speak of, so they must tear down what they don't know, or understand. (of course that is a generalization, not knowing this particular ass, but who cares).

and um, i agree with Mybrid, you don't like the musty rainy urban sprawl? move. Maybe one of those you seen one, you've seen them all western cities. BTW, that is a pretty funny statement...


Melanie said...

btw, tagging means that if you make a list, and you want to see another Blogger repeat said list on their blog, you Tag them.Tag your it. don't you people from yerip play tag? No? oh, thats too bad. Or maybe they just wouldn't play with you...LOL

i like london, btw, its compact and has everything. I live in Texas and you have to drive EVERYWHERE, and it is HOT.

there is something about your site that promotes the verbal diareha! no bueno...


"gallavanting gallanda" said...

OUCH...melanie is tough on you, but who the heck be it. Maybe she outta switch places with you then. She take London and you take Texas.... life is only bad if you think its bad. "the ole saying" goes like this.....
Cheer up y'all better days will find you!!!