Thursday, January 26, 2006

A thousand pardons...

Hello all! 'Tis I, your favourite slacker (make that travelling slacker). I am completely aware of my long absence on my blog but I assure you that there's a very good reason for it. First of all the fact that I'm making this entry into my blog is testament to the fact that I now have a very reliable and most of all fast internet connection which is required for uploading all the photos I've taken over my travels to fit in sequence with each entry.

Yes, I'm finally here! I'm in Singapore now and so I think I'll have more to write about.

But the work is not done yet as I'm still a few entries behind but hopefully my backlog of entries should quench your collective thirst to know my whereabouts. What you've got to do is scroll down this page through the back-dated entries I've made to get an idea of what I've been upto.

I'm currently writing this from my nephew's PC which is on a 10 megabyte connection (that roughly translates to 'Mucho rapido' or very fast for all you non-techies out there!) so I'll be having to play catch up on my travels so far as I go along. A proper official entry for this leg of my journey should follow, so you'll just have to bear with me...


If you haven't already done so, check out my last few entries starting with oldest first:

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Mybrid said...

So how many pardons do you owe us after so long???

Com'n get kicking and write something!

Oh, how 'bout this, my word verification looks like snufflufugus sneezed: qhzqhnqh

vana said...

I finally made the time, sat down and read ur blog.......all of it(yup, took me a morning)

I gaped at ur pics.......u're kinda hott (like a certain someone)

Wondered if i could write half as good as you and some of the other ppl on ur list using twice the effort.........

When ya gonna post again??? huh???

Anonymous said...

Your excused BUB but don't let this be a habit of neglecting to let people know what's going on with you. WE LIKE YOU and that's why we wanna know the scoops as you mosey along in life. (tongue out)
Those non-techies you refer to? I am guessing I'm one of them?
(hehe) (2nd tongue out)
Ok "elspeedo" get going with your writing skills and photo shop so we can see for ourselves & we can forgive you totally....(hehehe)
But ME I forgave you long ago!