Wednesday, December 07, 2005

IKEA’nt believe its here!

Before going further here's a random pic of the balcony from where I write my blogs whilst in Dubai, there's really no particular reason why I put this here but I thought I'd just stick this up here.

Although I can pick up around three wireless hubs in the vicinity of the apartment, the signals are usually too weak to piggyback on so strictly speaking I don't directly blog from the balcony although that would be a nice thought.
Ok bad title not to mention its probably been used a million times, but I’ve got mixed feelings about the furniture we ordered. First the plans that my sister and I meticulously drew up for the furniture and design layout were almost trashed by mom and dad’s unbelievably infuriating frugalness in the face of the masses of potential this apartment has when furnished and furnished well!
Also, the high ceilings in the living room and bedroom have some major cheapo bulbs in very basic bakelite sockets. I couldn’t stress enough how important lighting is in a place you eventually want to rent out. Suffice to say that my idea for some nice low hanging ceiling lights in both rooms never even got a decent hearing.
We still haven’t got any curtains and if it wasn’t for the old man’s ever-changing moods about whether or not to furnish the apartment in the first place I’d still be sitting on the floor writing this friggin entry.
Ok I’m seething…again, I’m going to start thinking about the millions of people on earth who have nothing over their heads and nothing to eat, hopefully that should calm me down.
Right I’m still mighty pissed off, this is definitely the last time I help them out when it comes to choosing stuff for the house…any house!! Here, enjoy some photos I took while I go apeshit thinking of the numerous ways my spirit has been crushed time after time by my parents.
The living room, it looked small when we first got here but now its growing on me and it all seems fine and dandy

This is the other corner of the room looking from the couch to the small dining table and chairs, yeah I know it looks very bare but its suppose to be a blank canvas for whoever moves into the apartment

The Ikea bed all dressed up so it looks good enough for a brochure or something...

By the time I got to uploading this bathroom photo I thought to myself 'I really don't know why I'm sharing these pics, they have no particular value to anyone who reads this' oh well at least you can see that I dressed the bathroom with - thats right you guessed it, an Ikea shower curtain and I must say it does certainly go with the scheme.

Well that more or less should give anyone who thinks that the UAE or indeed other Arab states are very backward and that these people are too busy riding camels and making tents to be in the real estate business let alone the oil business.


Melanie said...

Ah the spirit crushing guilt ridden statments of parents that pollute our lives forever. Living in our minds as little mind bombs waiting for any thing to blow wind across their triggers, and they explode again.

Much peace to that area, sir. It does not deserve the energy they try to rob you of in their desire to "raise you right". ie: rob you of your freedom to fly...

I have a similiar life issue. I just moved 1800 miles away from my parents. I think that will help me tremedously! I know i will succeed. i don't need them telling me i won't.

i think the furniture looks awesome! I am an IKEA believer!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you would trash your parents so badly here! They gave you "birth" Raised you until you could handle life on your own. So why bash and belittle them?
If it weren't for them YOU wouldn't even BE HERE entering all these nice journeys, experiencing, enjoying & doing things in life that many of us CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE doing.

YOU could still be an EGG
in someone's OVARIES
waiting to be HATCHED!!!
Give your folks a break and a big thanks for the 9 months of all your mom's labor & pains, all your shitty diapers, your bawling, their sleepless nights, feeding, bathing, caring and the list goes on........
Now, do you still have something to bitch about them???

The Hard-working Slacker said...

Really? You mean to say I don't have any right to complain about the substandard service I've recieved over the last few years?

I bet you're a parent who wishes not to be ID'd OR you're one of my friends and you're taking the ultimate piss....