Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Da Sistah's in da house

Yay, my big sister's come over from Connecticut for a week's break which is nice especially since we found out she's expecting and hasn't been feeling 100% lately so its nice having her around! She's my only sibling so we make the most of each other's company especially since we only see each other about once a year these days. I must say I first met the news with a pretty lukewarm response because she never struck me as the maternal type, also the fact that I'm an uncle to so many other of my cousins' children sorta wore out the novelty ages ago. Nevertheless this little 'jellybean' (I came to that conclusion on viewing the latest ultrasound snaps) is my 'own' flesh and bone moreso than all the other kids I'm an uncle to, so that in it self is probably cool.

I must say the most surreal thing about it all is knowing that the little jellybean shaped being is actually in her at this very moment in time, I mean think about it, its just really amazing how the body can accommodate something like that. Oh well its all uncharted territory for me so thanks for bearing with me so far.

Anyways I'll be leaving for Dubai next Thursday with the folks and start furnishing the apartment we just bought on a shoestring/Ikea budget of around £1000 which my sister arrived at while putting her pretty dormant interior design skills to work. It'll be interesting to see how far we stretch that in reality but I'm sure mom's going to find a few bargains here and there, I mean its Dubai - The Hong Kong of the Middle East, we're bound to find some good stuff up for haggling.

I'm still working on getting through to my man Mo in Melbourne to find out if he's going to be there when I go because he's one of the very few good old school friends from my Doha days I still keep in touch with and I'd like to keep it that way.

Right well I've more or less exhausted my mental faculties for tonight and I'd like to think I have more interesting less self-obsessed things to talk about in the next entry.....hang on this is a blog is it not?!! If I can be self-centered here where the hell can I be!!! Ok I'm tired now. Laterz y'all!

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