Monday, October 17, 2005

Emran: The story so far

Ok, for the regulars of my blog, you'll know that a little while ago I was looking to join azafady - an animal conservation organization in Madagascar (based here in London), and then there was the fact that I was trying to look for some kind of work at local newspapers or publications so I can pursue a career in Journalism, thereby proving to the nay-sayers in my life that I actually AM capable of taking control of my own life!

Alas, none of that has happened, although both projects are still on the general agenda, I've just got a little pre-occupied with other stuff that's come up in recent days. Stuff like my pretty much impromptu decision to go to Dubai to check out some more properties then visit the 'rellies' (thats 'relatives' for those not in the know) back in Bangladesh and then go to Australia to visit my cousins and a good friend of mine from my school days in Doha. All this is going to happen towards the end of November and the end of January next year. So I've been saving up especially for my trip to Oz as I've never been there and I want to make the most of my two weeks in the nice hot Aussie summer! So I'm pretty much stuck doing the games testing just to save up for all this.

Hopefully, inshallah (God willing in Arabic) this trip WILL happen. I'm also hoping to go and visit my big sister in May and go to my friend 'Hamsta's' graduation to name a few things that have also suddenly crept onto my agenda. I've thought long and hard about the volunteering thing and I think I'll probably take another gap year after my final year and totally dedicate my time to that rather than do it in a half-baked fashion this year.

The journalism job searching will still go on regardless because I need the experience no matter how little it is as I simply don't see myself spending endless hours in front of a screen; answering calls or just generally sitting down in one place for the rest of my natural life. Although someone's gotta do that kind of job to make this IT-driven world of ours go round, I'd rather it wasn't me. Modesty aside, I think I have better purposes to serve in life.

Anyways now that y'all are pretty much upto speed on my life I thought I'd share a few cartoons I read in some recent papers which I found quite funny.

Note: I'm not trying to make any particular statment with these cartoons, I just find them generally funny, click on them to view larger versions.

Also I thought I'd stick in a Tracy Chapman song called 'Change' that happens to spell out how I'm feeling lately...enjoy)


Mybrid said...

Ok, FINE! I'll go all the way to Australia just to meet ya. Geez.

I don't have dates for my Australia trip, as it now seems to rely on a new project. But it may very well happen at the same time.

Sounds like a good movie to make: The Bangladeshi from London meets the Israeli from the US, in Australia.
Yeah, best seller no doubt.

gallavanting gallanda said...

Soooo that's where you been keeping yourself "game testing" trying to pull together "greenbacks" for the "outbacks" hmmmmm okayyyyy
(good, great & just wonderful)!!! So your gonna be doing some trippin are ya? I'm happy to hear it. Your going to see the "mates" and I'm going to see the "turks". If you get your journalism in the works you'll not only get paid to write but get travel assignments and be able to see many places and write until your hearts content. Pack your backpak, laptop, toothbrush and shaver BOY and move out and on. "See the world my "dear friend" Life is too short to sit around thinking about it or waiting for those things to come knocking at your door. GO FOR IT...JUMP ON IT...DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT....HEHE.... You have great writing skills, talent & potentials.... so get going cutsie!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Elizabeth...

...All the best with all your plans.

Enjoy your travels!