Friday, June 03, 2005

Woohoo first post

Well its 1:16 am GMT (but I'm guessing it'll be 3am by the time I figure out how to post this damn thing) and I've finally got around to doing this blogging thingamajig that only interesting clever people seem to use to give their lives any meaning and purpose. Oh well if ya can't beat 'em join 'em. With this I hereby declare my first foray into the posh online world of the blogging literati......actually I'm just trying out a social experiment to see how long it'll take me to get bored of doing this. So I'd check my expectations when reading this blog if I were you.


Anonymous said...

I know where you live

Anonymous said...

hey jazzman, i've missing u a lot this days that we havent talk to each other even take our spanish pesado clases lol!!!, hope this time u didnt get lost so ok hugs and kisses from ur friend yuca bread ur favorites in ecuador bye VIVIAN M.